ANAK: FREDDIE AGUILAR [Official Lyric Video with Chords]

I choose this song because of its good quality of music and rhyme. and also it is related in a real life story.

The song Anak by Freddie Aguilar is a reflection of real life family situation. It is a picture of children’s wanting to be free and parents’ forever love and care for them. The song is very instrumental in making people realize what has been going on to children and parents alike as they grow in age. This song, translated in 27 languages in over 53 countries, captures the hard reality of leaving and going back, caring and indifference, and stubbornness and remorse. The song is also a reflection of the composer’s/ singer’s life.

More than the emotional lyrics is the relevance of the song during the time it was first sang and performed. In the 70’s and 80’s, Filipino folk musicians were at its peak in performing, at the same time using the stage as a venue to protest against the current regime and other social maladies. These entertainers captured the moods of other people to come up and present their own contributions for the industry and for the country. Freddie Aguilar was one of those who used the stage. It was this hit song Anak, a ballad centered on family values that catapulted him to being a star and gave Filipinos another realization of the importance of family. According to Felipe De Leon Jr., an authority in Philippine music, despite the Anak’s western form, the song has a pasyon-like quality with which the Filipinos could easily identify.

Having stated that the song has been translated to 27 languages proves that its context is not limited to Filipino culture alone. This meant the international appreciation on this verbal art. And it is not simply an expression of liking to Anak’s western form but more on the reality captured in the song. This manifests the general feeling and emotion of peoples when confronted with the situation pictured in the song.

It is noteworthy that the song is more than just an additional product to the music industry. It has touched and transformed the lives of people unlike some other songs we hear now. It suggests deep emotional understanding penetrating the core of the families. It also reflects the filial culture of care regardless of unfortunate events.



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